Community Fund

What is the Community Fund?

It’s Wembley Futures small grants fund, It’s part of the Big Local Program

Who is it for?

The Community fund is for people living, working or studying in the Wembley Futures, Wembley Central Big Local Area, anyone can apply from the age of 16+ onwards.

Who can apply?

Local residents or organisations based in the area

How much can I apply for?

The upper limit to the fund is £1,000 and residents are normally awarded less than the maximum amount.

What will it pay for?

Anything which local people want to do which will improve the Quality of Life in the Big Local area. So it may pay for a group of residents to take children to the seaside, local “grow your own” gardening projects, clean up days, pay for the hire of a hall and instructor fees to teach exercise, or the cost of a studio for young or older people to record a CD, or make a short film, conduct Dog obedience lessons in the park, a band for a community Tea dance, a tutor for homework club for young people about to take the GCSE’s, coaching a Dad’s football team. Any idea’s you may have, it can pay for activities, or items of equipment or hire of facilities.

Make sure there are at least two of you who want to organize an activity.

For Community Fund Application Form and Grants guidance email the Project Coordinator at , and we will email or post one to you.

Work out how much you think your idea will cost, and who you want to involve in doing it. Ideally it must benefit the local residents of the Wembley Central Big Local Area.

Post your completed form to the office or email to, who will then invite you to come and discuss your idea with the panel.

What happens then?

The panel will talk to you about your idea, they may make some suggestions, and then you will hear their decision soon after your meeting.

When will I get the money?

Unless you are a constituted organization with a bank account, you won’t get the money. Instead Wembley Futures will pay for the things they have agreed to fund direct to the suppliers. So if they have agreed to pay hall hire, they will pay for the hall directly. If they have agreed to buy supplies and materials they will order it for you.