Our Plan

Who we are
The Wembley Futures Big Local is one of 150 areas up and down the UK to be allocated £1m of Lottery Funding to make a lasting positive difference to its area and for the people who live in it. Wembley Futures Big Local is run by the Partnership – a group of residents and partners from the Big Local area, who together are responsible for guiding the overall direction of the Big local area. Our Big Local Plan describes the priorities for the area and how we will work towards achieving
them and making the area an even better place to live.

Our Vision
We are moving into a new exciting phase of delivery for 2018 – 2019/20. Based on the reviews we have conducted, our learning and informed and guided by the values, priorities and principles of the 2016/17 plan, our focus for 2018-20 will be centred on enhancing our vision for Wembley Central, this includes:

  • Making Wembley Central a better place to live by fostering community spirit, increasing togetherness of all groups
  • Increasing access and improving opportunities for all residents to live more healthy and prosperous lives
  • Improving the environment we live in.

Our principles
There were lots of ideas for ways to spend the funding put forward by people who live and/or work in the local area. It was decided by our Partnership Board that we needed to be consistent so principles on which we base decisions were set to assist us in the process. These are:

  1. Deriving from community need and benefiting all groups in Wembley Central
  2. Ensuring longevity and sustainability
  3. Keeping the money in the community and local wherever possible.
  4. Ensuring every penny is accounted for so we are clear and transparent.
  5. Keeping everyone informed and sharing our vision
  6. Ensuring an auditable trail for all decisions and finance.